Welcome to BagofButtons, my own little corner of the blogsphere where I hope you will be mildly entertained as we gently peruse the pathways of my brain, comedic chaos of my day, and ramblings that henceforth ensue.

We laugh to survive. Then, with joy we thrive.
Mary Anne Radmacher

Life is a journey and our route often takes pitstops and detours that we hadn’t intended or prepared for. But by remembering to stop and enjoy our surroundings from time to time, we can get the best out ofย each adventure – and hopefully be amused, educated, strengthened or improved by it. Failing that, let’s just pick holes at the crappy bits of our day and find a giggle wedged behind the sick covered sofa.

Who am I?

‘My name is Lucy, my favourite colour is….’ BAH! ‘apple+a+delete‘! I think I fell asleep writing and dribbled on the keyboard a little, but hopefully the letters won’t stick too much.ย What would I want to know about me if I were reading this? It feels somewhat like I imagine writing a dating advert must feel. Okay here goes…

“30-something, mum of four (6 year old DD and 3 year old triplets) seeks the escapism of writing, a large dose of humour and the opportunity to daydream required to combat mind-numbing symptoms of ground hog day syndrome. Is total blog newbie, so please be kind. Warning: may contain sarcasm and ranting.”

Hmmm, good job I’m not single…. think I’d end up as an old cat lady. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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