Love thy bestie…

In response to todays’s Daily Prompt, BFFs
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

What have I learned from my BFF? Easy. The answer is ‘lots’. I’ve learned that there’s someone else in the world who shares my ‘slightly’ perverted sense of humour, and who accepts me just the way I am. In the words of Jerry Maguire (and I’m not in the habit of quoting vertically challenged Hollywood nut jobs), she completes me.

In so many ways, we are opposites; she’s blonde, gorgeous and always meticulously dressed. I’m none of these things. If she were a fashion doll, she’d be the perfect ‘beer Barbie’. She’s disciplined, methodical and can diplomatically avoid confrontation. I posses none of these skills. But somehow, we are two halves of the same whole. Not the same ‘hole’, that’d be taking our friendship a step too far – whats the feminine equivalent of ‘bromance’…?

My husband rolls his eyes and walks away whenever he hears us on chatting on the phone, and I’d be mortified if anyone intercepted our text messages, because my best friend is my other ‘other half’. We understand each other wholly, without question or explanation. She has taught me that there are people in this world who, outside of your immediate family, would do anything for you. We met about 7 years ago and with our first children being very close in age, we shared that daunting firstborn baby journey with a healthy cocktail of humour, Ikea breakfasts and aimless pavement pounding (between shops of course, a girl’s gotta multi-task…!) Unfortunately we currently live in different countries, over 900 miles apart, but speak most days. We confide the important things, dissect the inconsequential and mock the ridiculous.imageShe is so many things; loving, accepting, forgiving, inspiring, generous and selfless. She has supported me unfailingly through a difficult few years, is the first to jump to my defence, regardless of whether I’m in the right or not (irrelevant details in the eyes of a true BFF) and she’s always in my team. She is a huge amount of fun and totally ‘gets’ me. Those things you think you probably shouldn’t say, well, she’ll finish that sentence along with me.

But above all else, she has taught me so much about loyalty and friendship, and combined with a shared love of beer and burping, I know she will always be in my life. I honestly don’t think I could function without her. Plus she asks the most hilarious ‘would you rather’ questions – whose BFF doesn’t make them literally pee themselves with laughter once in a while on a daily basis? Damn that pelvic floor…..


6 thoughts on “Love thy bestie…

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