Six in the bed…

I love those lazy Sunday mornings where my husband and I are dozing luxuriously in our huge cosy bed, when one by one our children come to join us. Sliding beneath the duvet to find a space, all sleepy and puffy from their own warm beds, and with pillow print on their delicate faces. Giggling, snuggly and cuddly, until we are all six in a bed, and the little one says….tickle fight! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Six in the bed…

  1. My hubby and I love Sundays! We spend all day in our jammies and just relax and watch old black and white movies. Is there anything better….NO! LOL

    • Hi Victoria, that sounds heavenly! A pj day is the ultimate Sunday treat – we wore ours all day yesterday and had a bath before dinner, putting clean ones on for bed. Lush! Unfortunately our TV seems to be constantly stuck on kids cartoons channels….maybe when they’re a bit older we’ll persuade them to share during daylight hours!! 🙂

      • Great to hear you enjoyed that treat yesterday. I’ve sat through countless hours of Spongebob with my grand kids, but Sunday is our day.

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