Teeny tiny liquid lunch? Don’t mind if I do….!

In response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, Lunch.

cocktail calendarOn a scale of ‘perfect housewife’ to ‘shameless lush’, just how inappropriate is it to enjoy a midweek tipple?

Having realised at the start of the new school year that our children were all in school/nursery/childcare on matching Wednesday schedules, a group of my friends and I decided to make a date for the following week to really enjoy being ‘ladies wot lunch’. Abandoning our work and household priorities for the afternoon, we sat on the sunny terrace outside the back of the local pub and enjoyed a leisurely pick at a scrumptious deli platter, washed down by a bottle or so of wine. Nobody was driving, the only timescale to be achieved was the after school pick up, and most importantly, we were sans kids – and we have 11 between us, so that’s no mean feat! We finished our conversations without interruption, didn’t need to chaperone toilet trips, and didn’t have an emergency pack of wet wipes between us! Gossiping, giggling, confessing and dare I even say it a little bit of bitching, we worked that lunch date to the max! The afternoon retrieval of children was perhaps a little sillier than normal, and I was slightly surprised to hear one teacher assure my friend that ‘it’s amazing how many parents arrive to school from a drink or two, good on you for enjoying yourselves!’ Perhaps that’s why we haven’t been out publicly again since, in what has affectionately become known as ‘Wine Wednesday’! Now we await a special occasion such as birthday, job promotion, successful Tesco delivery, we’re fairly flexible on details…. as long as about once every 6-8 weeks we can find an excuse to pop a bottle cork and cut a slice of cake. And the beauty of celebrating behind closed doors, we don’t even need to wait for a day when the kids are occupied elsewhere. So what’ll it be? Wine Wednesday, Fizzy Friday…? Don’t mind if I do!

cocktail recipe

Best served with lots of crushed ice, perfect on a summers day!

My favourite cocktail goes a little something like this:
2 parts sparkling wine
2 parts fizzy water
1 part vodka
1 part elderflower cordial
1 part apple Juice
My oh my, it’s heaven in a glass. Although to be fair, the recipe changes somewhat if drunk throughout the course of an evening! Enjoy x


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