Day 12 Zero to Hero: From comment to blog

something old new 2b

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Z2H challenge so far, and today is no exception. Having followed each day’s instructions I’ve chopped, changed, tweaked and accessorised my blog, and delved headfirst into the blogsphere, finding exciting new things to follow and scattering comments a-plenty (well, a few anyway!) And now comes day 12…..

“Something old, something new, New Year, new you!”

No, I’m not getting married again (although the idea of renewing my wedding vows in years to come with our children present is a fine idea) I’m talking about plans for the new year. I won’t call them ‘resolutions’ because that’s just asking for failure. Plus, it’s already midway through the month. Every year I have the same intentions, eat less and exercise more. Simples. But it’s difficult to fulfil such a sweeping statement without breaking it down into achieve able steps – who can achieve an undefined goal? And my steps this year seem to be dance shaped!

 As part of the Zero to Hero journey, today’s challenge is to write a post that expands upon a comment that I’ve made on someone else’s blog. Since a number of the challenges have involved ‘exploring the neighbourhood’ and ‘heading deeper into the blogsphere’ thereby commenting on a splattering of posts, this should be relatively straight forward. It turns out I’ve been drawn to a number of similar style and content blogs, but I guess there’s little surprise that so many of us are thinking along similar lines at this time of year, however we approach it.
Two blogs that I have found and particularly enjoyed this week and have commented on are:
(I hope those pingbacks work, unfortunately Z2H hasn’t shed me of all my newbie incompetencies – and hopefully you don’t mind being included on my post here, if so please say and I’ll gladly remove immediately).In addition to rejoining Slimming World to resume my weight loss journey (including re-loosing a stone of wobbly bits that have reattached themselves in the past 6 months) I decided to have a little fun with exercise. My ‘Something New’ is a brand new dance class set to sweep the UK by storm . Hailed as ‘the new Zumba, ‘FitSteps’ has been developed by two of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing experts and one celebrity winner. FitSteps takes the very best of Ballroom and Latin and teach them in a fabulously fun class to help you get fit, fast! A good friend of mine has recently qualified as a FitSteps instructor (congratulations clever lady!) and when she asked me to be a guinea pig in preparation for her first class on Monday, I could’t resist! I’ve never watched Stricly on TV (my husband abhors what he calls ‘clappy telly’!) but I fancied trying something new, am committed to supporting my friend, and the idea of an aerobics alternative was appealing. And what fun! We cha-cha-cha-d, jived and waltzed our way through the funniest hour of my year so far (hahaha yes it’s only January!) and I even managed to get a handle on the quick step. Apparently the important steps are 1, 5 and 9…! I cannot wait for the first official class on Monday morning, although it’s going to be a while before I have to worry about anything too advanced such as ‘armology’ – can you believe there’s a specific term for the way we fling and flail our arms around?!My ‘Something Old’ has been to continue with my firm favourite, Tap Dancing. I LOVE it. As soon as I don my tap shoes and tippy tap my way into the village hall, I channel my inner 8 year old! I’ve been tap dancing on and off since childhood, stopping during my teenage years when I didn’t think it was ‘cool’, and again during pregnancy and when the kids were all teeny tiny. We have moved house a few times in recent years, and it has always been a criteria on my relocation ‘wish list’ that there be a tap class nearby. Locating one comes second only to discovering a reliable ironing lady! From the basic warm up exercise through to the full speed timestep with double or even triple break, I’m grinning like a child. I’m not very good, but that’s beside the point. It’s great fun and I love it! Plus it’ll help me get a bit fitter too, which is a bonus!Hopefully, twice weekly dance classes atop my renewed sensible attitude to food will assist my ‘New Year, New You’!
Not that I want to be a new me, I quite like me, but a thinner ‘me’ would be ace! 🙂

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