Day 2 Zero to Hero – what is a name?

SH-white roses circle“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

(hey, I live in Shakespeare countryside and couldn’t resist!) 🙂

…but if nobody were to pick that rose or breathe it’s delicate aroma, then truly, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. And the same applies to blogs, I get it. If nobody clicks on your blog name or follows your link, then it doesn’t matter what pithy comments or earth shattering insight lies behind your WordPress curtains as nobody will read it. The same could possibly be said for my own blog name ‘bagofbuttons’ but I like it. If nobody else reads it, then I think that’s okay too as my blog is primarily for my own personal enjoyment, and if someone else likes it too, well that’s a bonus! Why ‘bagofbuttons’? My blog name choice is fourfold;

1) One of my favourite childhood memories is of sitting on the lounge carpet, next to my mum’s favourite armchair as she industriously repaired our clothes and made home furnishings. We’d chat leisurely about those things important to a child, and enjoy the heat from the fireplace as we listened to the gentle popping sounds of the flames and the swish swish of my sorting through her giant tub of buttons. Varying colours, shapes and sizes, some with partners, some unique. Like treasured gems, colourful, shiny and sparkling. Each button held it’s own adventure, where the button had come from (the giant pink four hole buttons taken from last years winter coat), tiny white buttons from dad’s work shirts that must have travelled miles on the Intercity125 to London daily, bumpy green buttons, square blue buttons, fabric covered floral buttons – some so unusual that I couldn’t imagine them ever being used again. All contained in an exciting collection of nostalgia and possibility. A bit like how I think I’d like my blog to be.

2) An extension of my early buttons-love, I recently rediscovered my love of crafting. I’ve always loved making things, and although I’m not particularly brilliant at it, I find it relaxing and rewarding. Creating something for someone is much more special than simply buying an impersonal gift, even if the end result is less beautiful than you’d imagined and you’re glad it won’t be hanging on your own bedroom wall! As such, I was stumped recently what to gift my mum for her recent 60th birthday, which co-incided just days away from my parents 40th wedding anniversary (much kudos to fab folk for such a truly awesome achievement, I love you both squillions!) But what to get them? After much browsing, I decided to combine three of my mum’s favourite past times; her incessant and tireless commitment to researching her family tree, her own love of crafting and ‘that’ box of buttons, and their unconditional love of our family. I raided my own juvenile but expanding personal button collection and made them a family tree picture. Using buttons as fruit and leaves on the tree, each branch was built from the names of myself and siblings, and twigs created by names of own offspring, their grandchildren. Thankfully, they loved it (mum cried when she opened it!) and it now hangs proudly on their living room wall.

3) My granny used to have a wonderful saying that someone was ‘as crazy as a bag of buttons’. I wonder if she’d apply that saying to me somedays (it’d be true!), but the saying makes me smile, just like my granny!

4) and not leastly, the chocolate variety of buttons which my four kids will do pretty much ANYTHING to have. We’re not big on sweet treats in our house, so a bag of buttons to them is something mighty special indeed!

Seeing my reasons written in black and type has made them feel even more true than they did in my head (and I was fairly happy with it before) and because I like the name I’ve chosen, I feel comfortable sitting in its computer skin. That comfort enables me the confidence to write, and writing makes me happy. Ergo (January epiphany!) ‘bagofbuttons’ makes me happy! 🙂


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