While returning our shopping trolley to the trolley bay on a recent supermarket expedition we wondered why our cart wouldn’t slot in neatly within the rows of other trolleys and noticed this – a double layer of fold down seats to safely hold four little ‘uns! Not particularly interesting to most folk, granted, but for families such as ours it was an incredibly welcome and refreshing innovation. No longer would baked goods and bananas have to be balanced on little legs too tired to walk any further as they sat in the main groceries cavity of the trolley. Gone would be the disapproving stares as a trolley is clearly over filled before even entering the store; “then you show me a trolley that will seat four children….” we’d mutter defiantly. Et voila, here it is! Shame my clan are a tad too old for it now, but hallelujah for other multiple families! Tesco, we thank you! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Tesco-trolley-tastic!

  1. Where oh where would those carts be?!?!? I definitely need one of those….then I wouldn’t have an excuse as to why I have to order my groceries anymore! 😉

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