Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots

I’ve only very recently joined WordPress but one of the first things I came across was the ‘Weekly Writing Challenge’. I love writing and reading, and I love the power of words. The immensely varied and evocative experiences that can be achieved through the arrangement of 26 simple characters that make up our alphabet, woven intricately through the pathways of our beautiful English language. And what enthusiasm found here on Word Press by those who write, for those who read. This weeks challenge is intruiging; is it possible to create a snapshot with words to compete with a visual record of any given moment?

In setting up my newbie profile page, I was flicking idly through photos on my computer, skimming a timespan of months and unearthing an intense roller coaster of emotion. Scroll; photo of my eldest daughter dressed for her first day at school – PRIDE. Scroll; a picture of my husband sat on a hospital gurney as he called from an overseas work trip to tell me that he required emergency surgery – FEAR. Scroll; packing the car for our first family holiday – EXCITEMENT. Scroll; the day my baby triplets came home from hospital for the first time – OVERWHELMED. Scroll; my dad walking along a riverside towpath holding my daughters hand, LOVE. I could continue and I’m sure every human emotion would be conjured by the albums that I’ve saved. Stored and archived. Copied to the server and burnt to DVD, just in case. It’s unthinkable to contemplate loosing our family photos, they’re precious and cannot be recreated. Momentus occasion or brief occurance, I can remember the where, when and why of each moment. Smells, sounds, anticipation and emotion are all instantaneously recalled. So in terms of the ‘Weekly Writing Challenge’, I think my answer would have to be a resounding no. I don’t believe that words could reduce me to tears and moments later jubilation to quite the extreme as a few chosen kodak moments. Sorry.


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